# What is Unikname™?

Unikname™ is a European cyber-solution aiming of securing internet platforms and protecting user's privacy.


Individuals get their own UniknameID, a pseudo under their sole control, allowing them to sign-up/login safely and privately to their favorite websites. Because this UniknameID is a Self-Sovereign ID with remarkable features and properties, it enables exclusive operations for its owner such as authenticating any kind of operations, managing rewarding tokens, or authentic data sharing.
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Organizations implement Unikname Connect to their website to provide a really simple but strong authentication to their users. User's connections stay fully private and untraceable. Organizations may take benefits from the Unikname community, responsive to the respect of the privacy, by highlighting their solution. For this kind of organizations, Unikname Connect is also a new customer acquisition channel.
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Corporate can secure mobile apps against falsified SSL X509 certificates thanks to Unikname Certificate Proofing technology.
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For Who?

Unikname™ is intended for whose who wish to participates and contributes to make the internet more secure and more trustful. It is aimed to both individuals and organizations.

Under the hood

Unikname™ makes the internet safer and protect user's privacy thanks to Self-Sovereign Identifiers and blockchain technologies.

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Spelling convention

Unikname™ with an uppercase U refers to the product and the brand.
UniknameID refers to the name of the Decentralized Identifier.
My Unikname App refers to the name of the App.

# Unikname Connect: The next-generation Authentication Solution

Unikname Connect is a privacy-by-design authentication solution, rewarding users who want to make internet a safer place.

Unikname™ is an European next-generation authentication solution, passwordless, and working with a @unikname (a pseudo). Private-by-design and secured by the unikname.network blockchain, it's a reliable alternate to former social authentication solutions.

# Privacy-by-design

User privacy comes first. Unikname Connect is entirely built with the idea to keep user's connections private. Unikname does not collect any personal data (name, phone number, address, connection history...) at any time. The system will never use your UniknameIDentifier to trace your habits and behaviors on the Internet.

Our technology makes it possible to customized user experience and services without collecting user data. Most of data are stored on user's smartphone and fully controlled by the user himself, and no one else.

Unikname Connect protects internet businesses from espionage. User's connections are not traceable by third parties tracking tools. Only the user himself and the platform know their relationship.

# Unikname Rewards its Users

Thanks to UNIK Tokens, Unikname users are encouraged to maximize use of their @unikname to log in to any websites by rewarding them. Every unikname user who sign-up and login to a website receives rewards. These rewards are digital tokens called UNIK Tokens.

Partner platforms using Unikname Connect offer promotional coupons for Unikname users. UNIK Tokens can be exchanged against vouchers or promotional coupons to be redeemed on any partner platforms.

# Simplest Strong Authentication

Since strong authentication is becoming a standard, user experience is downgrading due to authentication processes becoming more complex (e.g.combining password plus code sent by SMS, email confirmation requests...). In this context Unikname Connect provides a disruptive UX User Experience with no more password to remember, allowing instant login and frictionless sign-up to any websites.

Unikname Connect simplifies day to day use of a secured internet.

# Highly Secure

2FA strong authentication: Unikname Connect is a 2FA strong authentication solution by design, relying on a smartphone app and a PIN Code or biometric recognition. Technically Unikname Connect relies on latests oAuth and OpenID Connect authentication protocol standards. User accounts are more protected against hacks and data theft.

Anti-Phishing: Unikname Connect may inhibits phishing hack attempts of user’s access, protecting user's web account. There's no more userid and password to steal, and theft of authentication tokens has no value for a hacker. We adds a layer of cryptographic protection over the oAuth authentication protocol, in such a way that the authentication tokens can only be used only on a specific web domain name.(Anti-Phishing feature requires a specific implementation)

# New customer acquisition channel

Unikname Connect becomes a new customer acquisition channel. The large community of @unikname users receive incentive to explore websites using Unikname Connect.

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# Unikname Certificate Proofing

Unikname Certificate Proofing is another solution aiming for securing mobile apps against falsified SSL X509 certificates and against man-in-the-middle attacks. This solution has been designed and developed with a bank company.