# UniknameID: your Universal ID

UniknameID is a Self-Sovereign Universal IDentifier, giving its owner total control over its digital life.

With your UniknameID and My.Unikname.App you can control your digital life:

  • sign-up and log in to any website that embeds the Unikname Connect button, securely and privately
  • share and get access to public information with your friends, authenticated and quickly
  • earn network credits that you may redeem with a coupon, to be used with Unikname partners

unikname ID value proposition
Why to use your UniknameID to connect to websites?

To get your own UniknameID, first you need to install the My Unikname App, then choose a unique name and root it into the global unikname.network.


# Getting Started

⚡️ How to install My Unikname App?

⚡️ How to get my own UniknameID?

⚡️ How to connect to a website with my UniknameID?

⚡️ How to backup my UniknameID?

⚡️ How to restore my UniknameID?

⚡️ How to become an ambassador? coming soon...

# Freemium and Premium

⚡️ Can I get my UniknameID for free?

⚡️ Why do I have to pay for a short ID?

⚡️ What are differences between FREEMIUM and PREMIUM UniknameID?

⚡️ How much does it cost to get a PREMIUM UniknameID?

⚡️ How to get a FREEMIUM UniknameID?

⚡️ How to get a PREMIUM UniknameID?

⚡️ How to use my pre-paid VOUCHER to get my UniknameID?

⚡️ How to use my promotional COUPON code to get my UniknameID?

# Lifecycle

⚡️ how my @unikname goes live? coming soon...

⚡️ how to burn my @unikname? coming soon...

# Properties and Badges

⚡️ How to manage my @unikname properties? coming soon...

⚡️ How to get @unikname badges? coming soon...

# UNS tokens

⚡️ What is the User Rewarding System?

⚡️ How to earn @unikname UNIK tokens? coming soon...