# How much does it cost to get a PREMIUM @unikname ID?

All @unikname IDs shorter than 15 characters are PREMIUM ones and have to be paid.

The shorter a name, the rarer it is, the more expensive it is. There will be one and only one @bob  . 😃

All PREMIUM @Unikname IDs have the following specifications:

  • PREMIUM ID can have a public registry with up to 100 properties.
  • PREMIUM ID receive a welcome reward of 100 UNS tokens at activation time.

The getter of a PREMIUM @unikname ID remains the owner of his identifier for no limit of time, provided that the identifier has been activated within 4 weeks and it used regularly*. So it is recommended to activate it as soon as you get it.

# PREMIUM - Common

Type specifications price
Regular 10 characters and more 10 €
Short 7 characters and more 50 €
Rare 4 characters and more 500 €

# PREMIUM - Tiny

Type specifications price
Tiny3 3 characters 5 000 €
Tiny2 2 characters 50 000 €

# PREMIUM - Only Digit

Type specifications price
Digit Long 10 characters 50 €
Digit Standard 6 characters 500 €
Digit Tiny 3 characters 5 000 €

# *End of life option

Every @unikname ID may have an end of life and can be recycled if its owner die. For a PREMIUM ID this end of life happens 18 months after the last proof of activity. To prevent this end of life and to ensure the owner keep it for eternity without having to proof of activity, the owner must get the everlasting option.

Option Description price
Everlasting Disable end of life. 100 €