# How to connect to a website with your @unikname?


✔️ You've already installed My Unikname App on your smartphone.

✔️ You've got your own UniknameIDentifier.

Here we're going to demonstrate how to sign-up to our forum website. The process is the same on all partner websites that have integrated the Unikname Connect plugin.

# Your first Sign-up with your @unikname

Open a browser and go to https://forum.unikname.com (opens new window), and click on sign-up.

Install example on a xaomi Red note8, with Chrome

# Login with your @unikname

If you already have an account on the website you want to login:


  1. click on the login button
  2. enter your UniknameID
  3. open my unikname App on your smartphone
  4. unlock the app with your PIN code or your fingerprint
  5. click on validate the connection request
  6. You're logged in!

enter your unid

# Troubleshooting

After opening my unikname App on my smartphone, I don't see the connection request!?

💥 You took too long, comme back to the website and try again to connect. Connection requests have a short lifetime, roughly one minute. If you open and unlock my unikname app after this time then the request won't appears.

💥 Check your data connection on your smartphone. Your smartphone must communicate to authentication servers, without network the request won't appears.

💥 Check your @unikname spelling and try again. If you enter a wrong @unikname then the request won't appears on your smartphone.

I don't receive any notification on my smartphone!

💥 Open my unikname App and click on the connection request. Even without notification you can confirm or reject connection requests by opening the App. You can check "notifications" are enabled into your settings.