# How to get your own Unikname IDentifier?


✔️ You've already installed My Unikname App on your smartphone.

If you've just installed my unikname app and entered you PIN code you should see the following screen asking you to get a new UniknameID or to restore an existing one you already owned.


I've already setup a UniknameID, how to get another one?

If you've already setup a UniknameID you've two ways to get a new one:

  1. Go to Settings / Get My @unikname
  2. Go to @unikname / Get a new @unikname


# Choose your personal UniknameID

Your UniknameID is unique, persistent, and personal. You can choose a pseudo, your real name, a nickname, or a funny one, it's up to you! Keep it simple as you may use it every day.

UniknameID longer or equal to 15 characters are totally free!

To get a scarce name, shorter than 15 chars, you can:

  • bought it with USDC or crypto
  • exchange network credits ($UNIK), if you own some


Look for a coupon code?

If you're looking for a PREMIUM Coupon code, you can ask if there's some promotionnal offer on our Discord server (opens new window).

Choose your UniknameID on the following screen:



Once your UniknameID has been created you won't be able to change it.
You get it one time for all.

If it's a 15 characters long or more then confirm to go to the last step. If it's a scarce one, a shorter than 15 characters, you can check its price within the price list, then confirm.

Exemple with @Marty.McFly-2015 and @Marty.Mc

# Create you UniknameID one time for all

Once done you still have to create definitively your Decentralized ID by rooting it in the global unikname.network. It takes less than 10s.

get ready


Nobody else than you and the people with who you've decided to share it knows the UniknameID you've chosen. You may decide to disclose it publicly latter, but it will be your choice and under your sole control.

All done!

Next we're going to see how to use it to sign-up on a website and then to backup your ID. Let's go!