# How to install My Unikname App?

My Unikname App is required to get, manage and use UniknameID and network credits. It allows users to use their UniknameID to authenticate safely and privately to any websites.


Don’t try to download this application on traditional App stores, you won’t find it! My Unikname App is a Progressive Web App (PWA): goodbye download and welcome simplicity of installation thanks to a QR Code or a clickable link.

🔎 read our blog post to know more about PWA (opens new window)

Here we show you how to install this App. Let's go!

# Step 1. Go to https://my.unikname.app

Open your web browser on your smartphone and enter my.unikname.app (opens new window).

My Unikname App works on the most popular mobile browsers.

Installing My Unikname App

I met a compatibility issue screen, what can I do?

If you encounter issues with the installation or if you meet the following screen, you can close it and you can try to open it with another web browser.

compatibility issue screen

Check-out our compatibility matrix to understand which browsers are compatible with My Unikname app.

# Step 2. Install Now!

When you click on Install Now your browser detects you're installing an App directly from an URL and is going to ask your confirmation.

Install example on a Xaomi Redmi Note 8, with Chrome

Then your App has been installed by your OS on the desktop of your Smartphone, like this:

My Unikname Icon between Brave and ProtonMail, on my Android

Under the hood

On Android your smartphone has automatically "build" an App on your phone. This App is also available in the list of installed Apps like the ones coming from stores.

On my smartphone the App does not launch automatically like on the video, what can I do?

Go to your home screen, look for my unikname app icon and click to launch the App.

I did not see the "Add to home screen" message, what can I do?

You need to add it manually going to the menu of your internet browser:


I don't see the icon on my desktop, what can I do?

There's multiple possible reasons for that.

You can try to add it manually going to the menu of your internet browser:


If it's still not working you can try to check your smartphone desktop settings. Some smartphone setting may prevent App install on the home screen.

# Step 3. Run the App and create your PIN code

Now click on the App Icon on the Desktop like any other App.


Choose an easy to remember PIN Code, you'll need to enter this PIN code to unlock My Unikname App. There's no way to recover it!

Defining a PIN code

# Step 4. Setup main settings

App settings are limited, you're invited to enable notifications and to subscribe to the stay tuned newsletter. Both settings are optional.

App Main Settings
App Main Settings


The stay tuned email is stored in a self-hosted, dedicated, and highly secure private server. This eMail is only required for private communication between you and the Unikname team. It is not shared with a third-party.

Your eMail is not linked with your UniknameID nor any other information.

All done!

You're now ready to get you own UniknameID or to restore one you already own.

# Troubleshooting

If you encounter issues when installing the application My Unikname, see our troubleshooting section.