# How to reset My Unikname App?

Table of Content

# Why reset?

  • You have lost your PIN code
  • Your application is corrupted
  • You want to erase all data of My Unikname App
  • You don't have latest app updates (e.g icon on homescreen)

# Caution

Deletion of very important data

Resetting My Unikname App WILL DESTROY ANYTHING in your application.

You will lose:

👉 Your @unikname

👉 UNIK credits

👉 Therefore the accounts on the websites where you logged in with your @unikname

👉 The history of your connections

If you have backed up your @unikname, you will be able to restore them.

So be sure of what you want to do!

# On Apple iOS

On your iPhone or iPad:

  • Remove the icon of "My Unikname" from your home screen
  • Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website data

Menu where to reset My Unikname App

  • Search in the list: unikname.app
  • Swipe the item unikname.app from right to left
  • Click "Delete"

Voilà! All data of My Unikname App has been destroyed.

You can now set up My Unikname again and restore your @unikname.

# On Android

Following example is for Chrome browser. For other browsers, maybe website data removal process is different.

  • Go to your browser settings
  • Then website settings > all websites > my.unikname.app > erase and reset
  • Then remove the icon of "My Unikname" app from your home screen