# My Unikname Installation Troubleshooting

# Which browsers is the My Unikname application compatible with?

As of March 2021, the My Unikname application is compatible with:

  • On Android
    • ✅ Google Chrome for Android >= 75
    • ✅ Opera for Android
    • ✅ Brave for Android
    • ✅ Firefox for Android
  • On iOS
    • ✅ Safari >= 13

It is not compatible with:

  • On iOS
    • ❌ any other browsers but Safari: Google Chrome, Firefox...
  • On Android
    • ❌ Qwant browser
    • ❌ Samsung browser
    • ❌ Microsoft Edge
    • ❌ Mi browser

If your browser is missing from this list, you can request it on our Forum (opens new window).

# Why does my Android device refuse to create a shortcut on my home screen?

On some Android devices, you may encounter an issue when installing the application My Unikname on your home screen.

For some unknown reasons, your browser might not have the permission to create shortcuts on the home screen of your device. You may also have explicitly disabled it in the past. So you need to grant to your browser the permission to do it.

Unfortunately, there is no standard way to do that on Android devices. It depends on your vendor.

The permission is named:

  • EN: Home Screen Shortcuts
  • FR: Raccourcis de l'écran d'accueil

The configuration of this is located in the "Settings" of your Android device.

If you can't find it on your device, you can ask for help on our Forum (opens new window). Don't forget to give information about your device: model, vendor, version, browser...