UNS/uns.network/universal-name-system is the old name of unikname.network blockchain. UNIK is the old name of UNIKNAME nft token UNS is the old name of UNIK protocol token Urls and old documentation are not renamed yet but are still valid. We're updating progressively.

# How to vote for your delegate?


Unikname Authentication solution is based on the unikname.network blockchain secured by 23 delegates. These delegates are stakeholders, like you, who're using the network for their own needs and who've setup their own network node. They've decided to contribute to secure the network by registering as delegate. Elected delegates are allowed to validate blocks of transactions and get rewards every 8 seconds.

Here we explain how to chose and vote for your delegate.


✔️ You've already installed the Command Line Interface tool on your desktop.

✔️ You've created your Trust Certificate (step 2)

📖 Your need to be familiar with the key concept of the Unikname blockchain: unikname.network.

unikname.network delegates are split in three colleges:

  • network community, composed of 3 fixed members.
  • organizations, composed of 10 elected members.
  • individuals, composed of 10 elected members.


If there's less than 10 registered delegates of type organization, seats are given to individuals.

As an organization you're called to vote for a registered delegate in the organization college.

Snapshot of registered delegates of type organization, by Oct 10th, 2020


The updated list of delegates is available in realtime in the unikname.network explorer (opens new window).
You're welcome to discuss with delegates in the Unikname Forum (opens new window).

Voting for a delegate of type organization requires a simple line of command with the CLI:

uns delegate:vote "@organization:SpaceElephant"

NOTA: replace SpaceElephant by the delegate you've chosen.

The CLI ask you for your passphrase. Then enter the passphrase of the cryptoaccount of your UniknameID of type Organization, not your individual one.

The CLI outcome confirms your transaction.


You can change your vote at any time.

That's it!