# How to Integrate Unikname Connect with Auth0?



Unikname Connect can be easily integrated with any solution already configured with the Auth0 product.

Auth0 (opens new window) is a flexible, drop-in solution to add authentication and authorization services to your applications. Auth0 enables to connect any application, written in any language or on any stack, with the identity providers of your choice. In other words you can decide how you want your users to login: eMail, Social Authent, Active Directory... and Unikname Connect.


We are running a live example of integrating Unikname Connect with Auth0 on platform103.net (opens new window). This demo website has been coded and setup to sign-up ang login with Auth0.

👉 You're welcome to Run this example (opens new window) with your own @unikname.

Here under you will see how to setup your Auth0 account to use Unikname Connect.


✔️ You've signed-up for a Unikname-Connect account

✔️ You've got and setup the Trust certificate for your website ✔️ During the sign-up process you've received your Unikname-Connect Account ID and your API secret key.

📖 We assume you've access to your Auth0 account.

If you don't have used Auth0 yet, follow the Get Started (opens new window) Auth0 tutorial.

# Step 1. Configure your Auth0 service

Once your Auth0 application has been created, you can add an Enterprise Connection. Use Open Id Connect link.

Fill-in the following required fields to setup Unikname Connect:

Attribut Value / Description
Connection name It's an internal name (Ex: unikname-connect)
Display name Enter your private @unikname.
It will display Continue with your private @unikname on the connection button
Logo url Add this url https://cdn.unikname.com/logos/20/un-blue-nbt.png to display the Unikname icon on the button Unikname logo
Issuer URL https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/.well-known/openid-configuration
Client ID The Unikname-Connect Account ID you have received from Unikname's support request
Client Secret The API secret key you have received from Unikname's support request

# Step 2. Enable your Open ID Connect Connection for your Auth0 application

Go to your application connections list and enable the unikname-connect Open ID Connect connection.

# Step 3. Test Unikname Connect on your website

Go to your website and click on the sign-up button. You should see a signup screen like this one:

Auth0 with Unikname Connect

Click on the button, then you should see this page:


Finally enter your personal @unikname and validate the authentication on your smartphone. You're automatically redirected to the signup process on your forum.

All done!

New users are now able to use their @unikname SSID to sign-up to your website.

# Troubleshooting

If you’re having issues when connecting (access denied ...), check that the credentials (the @unikname of your organization, Unikname Connect secret, client id/secret ...) you are using to connect to Unikname Connect authentication server are the good one.