# How integrate Unikname Connect with Matomo?



It's easy to connect to Matomo with its @unikname with a simple plugin and a very fast configuration.

Unikname Connect has been designed to work with open-source solutions compatible with the OAuth/OpenID Connect authorization standard protocol. The famous open-source Matomo analytics solution (opens new window), the Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers' privacy, is one of them.

Table of Content

# Prerequisites


✔️ You've already obtained your own @unikname SSID

✔️ You've setup your matomo account.

# Step 1. Install Login OIDC plugin

Install it via Matomo Marketplace (for Matomo 3 (opens new window) or Matomo 4 (opens new window)), or from the original repository (opens new window).

# Step 2. Setup Login OIDC plugin

  • As an admin, go to the administration panel of your Matomo instance
  • Go to the General settings
  • In the page, look for LoginOIDC section (see below)

Matomo with Unikname Connect

Then, configure the following attributes:

Attribut Value
Name Connect with your private @unikname
Authorize URL https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/authorize
Token URL https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/accessToken
Userinfo URL https://connect.unikname.com/oidc/profile
Userinfo ID sub
OAuth scopes openid email

To be able to login with your actual Matomo account with your @unikname, you need to link them together. It is very easy to do it.

Go to Settings / Personal Settings, then look for OpenID Connect in the page.

You should see a screen like this one:

OpenID Connect with Matomo

Click on Link this account button and then connect with your @unikname.

You should see a page like:


At the end of the process, your @unikname and Matomo account are linked together, so you can login to your Matomo account with your @unikname.

# Step 4. Test to login to your Matomo instance with your @unikname

Disconnect from your Matomo instance and then go to the login page.


Discourse with Unikname Connect

You should see -again 😉- a page like:


Finally enter your @unikname and validate the authentication on your smartphone.

That's it, you are now logged in your Matomo instance as an admin!

# Troubleshooting

If you’re having issues when connecting (access denied ...), check that the credentials (the @unikname of your organization, Unikname Connect secret, client id/secret ...) you are using to connect to Unikname Connect authentication server are the good one.