# What is the Unikname User Rewarding System?

Unikname rewards users who want to make internet a safer place thanks to the uns.network blockchain and its UNS token.

Thanks to UNS Tokens, Unikname users are encouraged to maximize use of their @unikname to log in to any websites by rewarding them.

Every unikname user who sign-up and login to a website accumulate claimable credits (1). These credits are digital tokens called UNS Tokens. User claim his reward when he wants, and receives UNS tokens (2). Partner ecommerce website (eg. woocommerce...) using Unikname Connect propose special offers to Unikname users holding UNS tokens (3). During the payment process users can redeem some of their UNS tokens for a partner offer (4).

unikname user rewarding system

Unikname users can use their accumulated UNS tokens with any Unikname Partners.

# eMerchants have full control of their marketing actions toward Unikname community

eMerchants using Unikname Connect create special offers on their dashboard and they decide :

  • the period of validity of every offers
  • activate offers only for some users
  • channels to push their offer: Partner Portal, Unikname Push In App, Unikname Newsletter...

# Rewards and redeems cannot be falsified

Unikname Rewarding System is designed and based on the uns.network blockchain and the next-gen authentication protocol, ensuring that rewards and redeems of UNS tokens can not be counterfeit.

# The user privacy is secured

Our rewarding system ensure full user privacy.

  • no one can know which websites users have logged on to earn rewards*
  • no one can know the ecommerce sites on which users have used their rewards*

* nor even the Unikname team