# Unikname Glossary

Our glossary contains key terminology specifically related to Unikname™ Ecosystem. If you have any comments or requests, please open a topic on our forum (opens new window).

For Common Terms related to blockchain in general we invite you to read the very well documented ARK Glossary (opens new window).

# Unikname Terms

# Universal-Name-System (TM)

uns letters from uns.network is the abreviation of Universal-Name-System (TM) which is the official and registered name for the solution and the project. But everyone use uns.network on a daily basis because it's more convenient. Both are used in this documentation, this is the same thing.

# Unikname Ecosystem

The entirety of the Unikname™ project and community, including the blockchain network, but also the supporting products, such as the wallet or the blockchain explorer.

# Unikname Community

Members of the Unikname™ community volunteer to provide assistance to new users, or work on bounties to improve uns.network. They are not officially associated with the Unikname™ Team. However, Unikname™ does most of its recruiting from the community.

# UNS network Player

A network player is the owner of a specific uns.network Node, permitted to send and to validate transactions over the network. As such, a network player provides a service to the network like minting blocks, storing decentralized encrypted data, or issuing UNIK tokens. They play a significant role in securing the network.

# UNS Service Node

A blockchain node permitted to send and to validate transactions over the network.

# UNS Gateway

A specific server interacting with the decentralized Network and a centralized SaaS solution. Gateways can be passives or actives when they're connected to a service node.

# NFT Token

Non-Fungible Token, by opposiiton to a more traditionnal Token. NFT have remarkable properties such as their uniqueness, and their indivisibility.

# UNIK (or UNIK Token)

@unikname Identifers are represented by a NFT Token within the uns.network. These tokens rooted into the blockchain are named the UNIK Tokens.

# Official Unikname Projects

# UNS Core

The reference implementation for uns.network nodes, a forked implementation of ARK Core blockchain.

# UNS Explorer

A frontend used to query the uns.network blockchain. Explorers use a Relay Node to perform queries and offer a user-friendly interface.

# Unikname Desktop Wallet

A desktop client to manage wallets for the UNS Token. For advanced transactions and to get access to UNIK tokens

# My Unikname Mobile App

The mobile app used to manage user's @unikname. These app is also a fully featured wallet for owning and transfering UNS and UNIK Tokens.

# UNIPs, Uns.Network Improvement Proposals

A curated list of improvement proposals. Breaking changes are first formulated as AIPs, discussed and reviewed by the community before being implemented.